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North Coast Farms and Community Development Corporation
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About North Coast Farms and Community Development Corporation
Founded in 2011, we make things happen! We have been in Haiti for more than a decade, bringing industry, services, and connecting people and prosperity. We are focusing primarily on expanding our goat dairy processing and breeding, growing sisal to process into fibers for ropes, bags and rugs, and our sewing center making bags, aprons and boutique children's apparel. We continue to produce 100 % pure beeswax candles with our trained staff and using locally found beeswax. 

These are sustainable, long-term businesses that offer hope and trainable skills to many local Haitians. If you or your organization is looking for a truly sustainable way of helping move Haiti forward, contact us. We are looking for partners who can share our vision of a solid future for the Haitian people beyond charity.

Sisal once employed 22,000 people in the northeast region. Now we are re-training a new generation to reap the benefits of this plant for the future of Haiti.